Suomi Type Foundry is a company dedicated to creating high quality typefaces. The company was founded by Tomi Haaparanta, who has been designing typefaces since 1990. Tomi Haaparanta's fonts are already distributed by Linotype, Monotype, ITC, T-26 and Psy/Ops, and in January 2004 he decided to set up his own font foundry.

Suomi Type Foundrys philosophy is to make extensive type families, so the user has more to choose from; too often you find a great typeface, but the weight is not just right. Our fonts often come with an average of seven weights, so it is likely that you will find the right weight. Also we do not want to exclude any users, so we try to keep the range of our type library as versatile as possible, from comfortable types for text setting to signage type families to evocative headline fonts for advertising.

From Suomi Type Foundry you can download comprehensive samples of the type families in PDF. They are done as case studies of realistic works.

Too often one pays a fair sum for a font that looked great on a sample, just to find that it does not work for the job at hand. Therefore it is so much easier to see the font at work before purchasing it.

That is what we want to help you with.



All Suomi Type Foundry fonts are in OpenType-format to ensure that they work seamlesly in both platforms; Macintosh and Windows.

Suomi Type Foundry is also happy help you with any specific type needs. If you need a personalized typeface, wether it is for corporation communications or advertising, or something in between, we are more than willing to help you.

Suomi Type Foundry already has a good routine in this area of type design; Tomi Haaparanta has made quite a few type designs by commission:

Diesel Industries childrens range has a marketing device called Protokid, for which a logo and a set of typefaces were designed.

Radiolinja, Finland's second largest mobile operator, and its mother company Elisa, a tele operator, both have logo designed by Tomi Haaparanta, as well as using his type family.

Talentum, a Finnish newspaper publisher, has a logo and house type by Tomi Haaparanta.

DNA, another Finnish mobile operator, commissioned their house type from Tomi Haaparanta.